Our smoked bacon is the pinnacle of the Mahogany meat eating experience! One national magazine called this "the best bacon in the country" and once you taste it you will agree. The process of making bacon perfection is long and not without effort. We start with a lean imported slab and only then do the hand-trimmed centers continue on through the smoking process - where the real magic happens. After hand loading in small batches our Smoke Master must continually monitor the process and add mountain mahogany logs to control temperature. Keep in mind our smoker is not a modern version that churns out meat in an assembly line fashion; but rather, an old fashioned log pit smoker with a process that has been perfected over the past 89 years. Finally, after 24 hours of flavor inducing mahogany smoke, the slabs are removed and allowed to cool before we can slice or package. In all there are about 3 days of labor and love invested in every package of our best selling product. Each pound of the sliced bacon is individually packaged for your storage convenience.